The tarm HD show laser projector fulfills highest requirements in terms of brightness, beam divergence and accuracy.

This tarm show laser system is equipped with Coherent Taipan OPSL and with the newly developed Coherent HD OPSL laser modules with TEM00 beam profile (TEM = Transverse electromagnetic mode) . At TEM00 the brightness of the beam spot is homogenously distriburted in a Gaussian curve, so the spot is perfectly round and has no deviances due to wave interferences. Besides that, the tarm HD has an extremely low beam divergence: with CT-6210H scanners and standard optics: ca. 0.5 mrad or optional with CT-6215HP scanners and low divergence optics: ca. 0.3 mrad (TEM00).

This results in an extremely increase of brightness in comparison to 'conventional' OPSL laser modules and especially in comparison to diode laser sources. The excellent beam specifications make this laser system ideal for graphics and long distance projections, but also for beam effects, which shall be visible from far away.

The laser projector is equipped with Coherent Taipan OPSL HD (High Definition) laser modules: 2.5W / 639nm OPSL HD, 5W / 530nm OPSL HD, 2W / 460nm OPSL HD.

The tarm HD standard comes with very fast CT-6210H scanners. The scan speed of 60kpps@8° ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 80° (@35kpps) make the system suitable for any kind of application. Optionally this laser system is also available with CT-6215HP scanners.

tarm HD projectors are equipped with an ILDA interface for standard computer control.

Projector settings can easily be adjusted through the versatile browser interface.

Guaranteed Power After Optics:
9'000 mW
Power Red:
2'500mW / 639nm OPSL HD
Power Green:
5'000mW / 530nm OPSL HD
Power Blue:
2'000mW / 460nm OPSL HD
Laser Class:
Beam Specifications (full angle):
ca. 2.7 mm / 0.5 mrad with CT-6210H + standard optics; optional: ca. 5 mm / 0.3 mrad* with CT-6215HP + LD optics
CT-6210H incl. Rti RayScan driver: 60kpps@8° ILDA; optional: CT-6215HP Big Boy Driver and low divergence optics: 60kpps@8° ILDA, max. 80° (@30kpps)
Scan Angle:
80° max. (@35 kpps)
Laser Source:
Coherent Taipan OPSL HD, *TEM00
Operation Modes:
browser interface for calibration, power cable, manual; optionally: detachable remote control pad
Power Supply:
85-250V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:
900 W
371 x 208 x 399 mm
Product Weight:
32 kg